The Movie Weekend

The Movie Weekend

It’s another Friday which means it’s a a movie weekend to look forward to again! We’re going to tell you what’s hot in the theaters and what looks hot this week. Let’s dive into the freshness for this week.

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There are plenty of limited releases out that didn’t get significant advertising or anything, so you’ll want to check your schedules for the films Stuck in Love and Just Like A Woman—both carrying an R-rating—and Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me which is rated PG-13. The bigger movies out this week include The Lone Ranger, a film adaptation of the classic black and white western series. It stars Johnny Depp (as Tonto) and Armie Hammer (as the Lone Ranger). Being put out by Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Films, it had everything to be a big, movie franchise like Pirates of the Caribbean and so on, but fell short. It has been mostly panned by critics and isn’t doing so hot so far. There has been some positive reactions to film being well written and decently paced, but for the most part it’s gotten no love.

If you could care less about any of that, you should definitely check it out. I dig a good western, but The Lone Ranger is something other than a western it’s somewhat parody of the series—not to say that it shouldn’t be made fun of, there are some parts from 1950s and 1960s series that just put them on the block to make fun of. With that said, give me something along the lines of Sergio Leone’s triology with Clint Eastwood or Unforgiven and Tombstone. I even enjoyed the Wild Wild West and Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Knights—both of which had a splash of comedy to them.

Despicable Me 2 is the other big movie out this week. The animated feature picks up where Despicable Me left off and has some of the same comedy and just enough of the magic from the first to keep it interesting and work the watch. Reviews for Despicable Me 2 were favorable and it’s said to have a better vibe going for it than the other animated titan out, Monsters University. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of CGI animated films—I love a good Shrek feature or Toy Story—but I would go with Despicable Me 2 over Monsters University. It’s not the greatest decision of the universe that holds the fate of millions in your grasp here, pick one and watch the other when you can.

If you’re looking for more comedy and you’re a Kevin Hart fan, you might want to see Let Me Explain which is basically a standup comedy film where he tours ten countries and 80 cities. There haven’t been many of those out for release in theaters—maybe because those usually get HBO and Comedy Central specials anyway. In any case, Let Me Explain carries an R-rating, so you might want to keep the young ones at home or let them see another more appropriate film.

Finally, if you want full blown action, check out Hammer of the Gods! Vikings could be the new zombie film/TV trend for the period…at least this observer hopes so. How can you go wrong with excitement and close up, in your face battles. Not guns, lasers, and explosions: axes, swords, hammers, arrows, and shields. If you were a fan of 300, Troy, Alexander the Great, or the fight scenes from the Lord of the Rings series, you might dig Hammer of the Gods. I don’t see it placing as a major blockbuster since the summer tends to be filled with top tier films, but I do recommend it.

Yes, I’m aware I said “the fight scenes from the Lord of the Rings series” and not the full films. While I enjoyed them all, they require some sort of mental endurance and no other distractions to take them in as they tend to be somewhat slow paced.

Here’s what’s hot at the moment.

What’s Hot

  1. Monsters University
  2. The Heat
  3. World War Z
  4. White House Down
  5. Man of Steel
  6. This Is The End
  7. Now You See Me
  8. Fast & Furious 6
  9. Star Trek Into Darkness
  10. The Internship

Swift’s Picks: My picks for the weekend are Hammer of the Gods, The Heat, World War Z, and Man of Steel. That’s definitely an action oriented list. I would suggest White House Down, but if you’ve seen Olympus Has Fallen you’ve probably seen White House Down. It’s rarely good when two identical movies hit the theaters. Of the four suggested, Hammer of the Gods is my top pick with Man of Steel being the second. I found The Heat to be funny and enjoyable and out of the films out ion the last two weeks, it easily makes my list of picks.

I love the action packed films that take little time getting in or have a good story, take awhile, and give you a lot of payoff in the action department. Sue me. I’m not a big fan of the very story driven film that gives you some action or a little action and goes about it’s business…it just seems like it fell short of being called an “action film”, really. Of course, you’ll have those who say “It was about the story! The story!” and take it upon themselves to explain it to you. I would say that’s why we have reviews, but sometimes reviews can be hit or miss and you’ll feel the movie was great if it was panned or blah if it was applauded as the greatest film ever. It’s something that goes for any medium, really. So just go with what you feel on a movie.

Back to what to check out, Star Trek Into Darkness is also out and about still as is Iron Man 3,so give those a view if you haven’t—or give them another if you don’t want to take a gamble. There’s nothing wrong with checking out a movie multiple times…unless you’re with a group which can be a buzz kill as they might pick something salty and since you came as a group you have to watch it—it’s just a big production, that can ruin your Friday movie night and put you out several bucks, really.

Anyway, get to the theaters early to beat the lines and enjoy your movies!

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