The Next iPhone Could Implement AR

The Next iPhone Could Implement AR

So what is Apple working on now? There’s the iPhone of course, but we know that Apple is perpetually working on its flagship device. What’s interesting is that the company is looking at augmented reality.

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In a report from Business Insider, it appears that Apple has some 1,000 engineers based in Israel working on AR. It’s expected that the technology could end up in the next iPhone possibly scheduled for the fall. While VR is the technology that many companies are working with heavily because of various uses—especially entertainment and gaming—AR is technology that CEO Tim Cook has expressed interest in.

What Apple is planning with AR—if anything—is something we’ll have to wait and see, but with the front camera’s rumored use of 3D face recognition to unlock the screen, the company could have some very useful AR-related features on the drawing board. If Apple presents innovative uses for augmented reality technology we could see other rivals and other developers move on similar features, services, and content and AR overall could see some of the shine that VR is getting at the moment.

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