The Number of Mosques in The United States Increased by 74%

The number of mosques has increased by (74%) in recent ten years in the United States, according to a report entitled “Mosque 2011” which was published on Wednesday. Now there are 2106 mosques in 50 states which shows an increase of 74% compared to 2000 , a year before attacks of 11 September, when the number of mosques was only 1209 .

The report said, “The number of mosques rose at incredible speed during the last ten years” and explained that the arrival of new immigrants, especially from Somalia, Iraq and West Africa, Bosnia, and prosperity growing range, but their number remains less than the Christian churches which is 322 according to estimate from Hartford Institute for Religious Research .

The report also pointed to a quarter of mosques, officials believe that “American society is hostile to Islam,” no less than 50% in 2000, and 99% of them believed that Muslims should engage in U.S. institutions and 91% in the policy .

“Muslims in America have a lot of energy and are more and more a part of the scene” The author of the report Ihsan Bagby (University of Kentucky) said in a press conference . “Muslim Americans feel they are at home” and “believe in the American dream and trust their partners in the homeland. ” Nihad Awad said, an official Council on Foreign Relations United States – Islam .

There are 192 mosques in the New York area and 120 in Southern California and 166 in Texas and 118 in Florida and even two in Montana, where less than one percent of the population are Christians .

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