The Webmaster of TakClick Arrested by Iran Cyber Police

“The webmaster of TakClick website arrested by Iran Cyber Police.” Sattar Khosravi announced.

Tak Click was a misleading pay per click website. The owner of this site pay a certain amount of money in order to acquire clicks from its users to maximize the revenue from pay per click systems operated in Iran.

The head of Isfahan Cyber Police said:”The webmaster redirected the users to other websites and asked them to click on the PPC ads. Then he would pay them a certain amount of money for each click.”

Khosravi also said this job and its goal is considered as crime according to the ecommerce laws in Iran.

The director of Tak Click is a young boy in the age of 20. He confessed to his tricks and said his main goal was to earn a lot of money using these fake methods.

Sattar Khosravi announced they will deliver the boy to the judiciary services.

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