There Are No Immediate Plans For 2,000 Amazon Go Stores

There Are No Immediate Plans For 2,000 Amazon Go Stores

Earlier this week Amazon announced Amazon Go, a store that will allow for customers to do their shopping and skip the whole checkout line process—a Jetsons-esque idea we’re just now exploring. Building onto that, The Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon planned to open a number of Amazon Go stores in future if the initial one in Washington took off.

In speaking with CNET, Amazon said it had no plans to do so. The 2,000 number that was bounced around comes from documents where Amazon believes that around 2,000 of the stores could be supported through the U.S. While Amazon Go’s potential success could lead to that in far future, in the near future the company is looking at a maximum of 20 in the next two years.

Amazon has been very active in moving into the grocery shopping arena by applying what has worked for it in the past as well as some concepts that may have been attempted on a smaller scale such as a drive through store.

As to the Amazon Go idea, it is dependent on the performance of the Seattle store and a few others that are sure to pop up in the coming months.

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