T-Mobile and Sprint Compete For Your Business With Changes In Buyback Promotions

T-Mobile and Sprint Compete For Your Business With Buyback Promotions

If you’re looking to spin your current phone into credit or funds for one of the new model in the shopping season, it could be worth looking at T-Mobile and Sprint. The two carriers—who were on the verge of merging not to long ago—are running competitive promotions to snag whatever business they can as a new wave of smartphones and other devices rest on the horizon.

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Sprint’s approach see them go beyond their usual $300 maximum buyback on older model handsets to matching any price—regardless of how high it is—from the other carriers of the big four. Sprint’s deal will also allow for up to three eligible devices and the new policy has already kicked off.

Meanwhile T-Mobile is running the same match any price promotion, but will put down $50 on top of it. That’s pretty much where the similarities end as they T-Mobile will still only accept one device and the policy only counts when a customer is looking to buy a new device. The T-Mobile program will kick off September 17th.

While they’re sitting pretty comfortably in the first and second positions as the most popular carriers, AT&T and Verizon might want to look at coming up an equal or greater deal to keep its customers and reel in new ones. It’s possible that they could announce changes to their policy or at least a couple of special promotions when the holiday shopping season really kicks off.

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