Tokyo Metro PD To Launch Interceptor Drone Squad In February

Tokyo Metro PD To Launch Drone Squad In February

Tokyo’s Metropolitan Police Department recently showcased a hunter drone to take out other drones that violate airspace laws and could possibly do harm.

This plan was initiated in response to a scare earlier in the year when protester Yasuo Yamamoto flew a drone that was carrying radioactive sand onto the PM’s office. The stunt was meant to raise awareness of the PM Shinzo Abe’s nuclear power plan to restart the reactors.

While the plan isn’t just to target drones carrying radioactive material flying around government buildings, but the event did let Tokyo Metro PD know that drones could be used for criminal activity.

The interceptor drone that the Tokyo Metropolitan PD is using will be armed with six rotors and an over 9 foot by 6.5 foot net that can scoop up such drones. Ground units will give the operator to move the drone out of the area before hand, so no one’s drones would be snatched without warning.

Currently the PD will run with one drone starting later this month before moving on to a wider squad of drones to patrol Tokyo’s government buildings in February.

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