“Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist is a New Anti-Iran Video Game”

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist is a New Anti-Iran Video Game

The cyber warfare between Iran and Western countries (especially the United States) has been deteriorated during the recent years. Iran accuses the other side of developing anti-Iran video games and “inspiring anti-Iran sentiments to players”. Foundation of Computer Games in Iran has announced that the new game named ‘Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist’ is another anti-Iran video game developed by American companies. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist is an upcoming action-adventure video game from Ubisoft and the sixth installment of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell series.

“Splinter Cell Blacklist is another example of Iran-phobia plot planned by Iran’s enemies. According to our estimations, this video game will become one of the best sellers in world. The main character of this game is called Sam Fisher. He works for American intelligence services and served as an agent in several defense organizations.” The announcement of Foundation of Computer Games reads.

“Base on synopsis, a group of people are not happy with military presence of the United States in Iraq so they are trying to drive out U.S. led forces. To achieve this goal the group planned an operation known as Blacklist. Third Echelon notifies of plot and called the main character of the game to infiltrate the terrorist camps locate in Iran-Iraq border, to collect more information about this conspiracy.” Foundation of Computer Games explained in its formal announcement.

“The enemies of U.S. forces talk in Persian (with Arabic-Kurdish accent) in this game. Sam also speaks Persian. The names used in this video game are Arabic-Persian ones such as Saeed, Amir and etc. The faces of characters are designed like Iranians too. As it seems the process occurs in a region similar to Kurdistan but it needs more consideration.” Foundation of Computer Games in Iran added.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist is scheduled to be released on spring 2013. Ubisoft Toronto is the main developer of this video game.

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  1. Rudy says:

    ‘Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist’ is another anti-Iran video game developed by American companies. ACTUALLY – Ubisoft is a French company and the game is a collaboration between studios in Canada, Shanghai, India and Romania.

  2. Kyle Peterson says:

    I’m not trying to be disrespectful but I truly do not believe their purpose is to be anti-Iran. They keep saying 12 nations are coming together (which I assume means there will be plenty of other countries and not just Iran) to kick America out of their countries. I’m pretty sure that means it’ll simply be terrorist cells in each country while the actual government of each nation is not promoting the terrorist activities.

    Also they’ve mentioned some missions will take place in snow regions or jungle regions and thus is likely to not be solely set there.

    Also in the original Splinter Cell game, the first one, Sam Fisher breaks into CIA HQ — that’s an American spying on another American agency which is a big no-no. In the sequel, Sam breaches LAX security — an American breaking security in an American airport after 9/11… then in the third installment, Sam’s friend from various wars is one of the major enemies in the game and is an American trying to plunge the world into World War III…in the fourth game, Double Agent….the entire terrorist group was American and was actively seeking to take down the current American government as they feel the American Dream has been perverted…finally the majority of the previous installment, Conviction, takes place in Washington DC, America’s capital.

    The only non-American countries in the game are Russia (in the co-op) and Malta which is near Italy.

    In fact the first game made fun of America’s paranoia post-9/11 where many were scared of people of middle eastern descent and basically mocked the notion that you could simply group whole people together for the actions of one group. I believe China blocked the first game from being released there because one of the bad guys was chinese yet Sam finds out he’s rogue and that the Chinese gov’t isn’t sanctioning his actions PLUS Sam saves a bunch of Chinese people alongside Americans who were captured by the bad guys in that game.

    If Blacklist follows the previous installments…I’m sure it’s just a terrorist cell (a fictional one) working outside government sanction. Plus I’m willing to bet the whole ‘blacklist’ scheme will be a distraction for the actual bad guys to attempt to cripple America in a different way.

    I hope you reconsider the game and reserve judgement til the release. As an American I can tell you that I will hate the game if it’s just pro-America propaganda — it’s annoying because it’s not like we have anything to brag about really…not anymore. :l

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  4. Saied says:

    Why is it that the game CONSTANTLY states that starting a war with Iran is the WRONG war?! OH? RIGHT! BECAUSE IT ISN’T ANTI-IRAN!

  5. peter says:

    hello to all of you members.I was never thinking that ubisoft is acompany that agree with terrorists(united states).really damn on ubisoft.Iranisns are peaceful people we love IRAN and IRANIANS.

  6. reza says:

    it’s a part of its plot:
    … After healing from the exposure to the chemical weapons, Sam infiltrates the former US embassy in Tehran, Iran, which has been transformed into a Quds Force headquarters. Sam installs a flash drive on a mainframe computer given to him by Charlie, which is programmed to search and rip anything related to the Blacklist attacks. The flash drive reveals nothing, proving that Iran is not behind the Blacklist attacks, reversing previous suspicions…
    is it really against iran? plz just stop saying lies fellas!
    It’s not against iran

  7. OzonE says:

    Its a Bloody Game, G.A.M.E , Entertainment, and Im sure as hell its better than what your guys are producing.

  8. sobhan says:

    thanks peter i am iranian and our peaple is scarying for start a war between iran and other countries like america and we dont like it i dont know their fucking problem with iran

  9. Iran's lion says:

    we are human and we have our country and our choice,we never want war and our leader told this thousand time before but if any country want interfere in our Affairs we will Resist and fight with them,the history proof this,and in this game they wanna to show us bad guys but you can come to Iran and see and ask any one.

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