Top Countries with the Highest Reported Crime Rate

Top Countries with the Highest Reported Crime Rate
We usually associate third world countries with high crime rates, and what is mostly examined is the number of murders. This is why you will see South American and African countries on the top of the list. Although Latin America has a huge problem with drug trafficking and some African countries are often in a state of civil unrest, looking at the total number of crimes committed annually, we find a lot of the most developed countries in the world on the list. Although seemingly civilized, a big population condensed in urban environments and a great disparity in wealth makes these countries the breeding grounds for dangerous criminals. Here are the countries with the highest crime rates.

United States of America

In the US the number of total reported crimes per 100.000 people is 11,877,218. The total population according to most recent data is 315,608,000, and America is continually growing. It has a diverse population; many people come from all over the world to the land of opportunity, and an overall high life standard. However, many neighborhoods in big cities are impoverished and the populace turns to drug trafficking and gang life and petty crime is abundant. Some suggest the availability of guns to the broader public as one of the major reasons for a high crime rate.

United Kingdom

Here we have another first world country, only this time one that implements strict anti-gun laws, yet still the number of crimes is not significantly lower with 6,523,706 crimes reported per 100.000 people. In fact with a population of 63,181,775 which is about 5 times less than the US, the UK boasts more than a half of the crime rate. And this is a country that everyone in the world views as civilized and its citizens as gentle snobs. This just goes to show that it isn’t all about appearances or guns – the UK has one of the highest numbers of knife-related injuries and deaths.


Another example of a country that the rest of the world sees in a favorable light, but that actually has quite a few problems on closer inspection. We regard Germans as precise, punctual and hard-working, more logical than emotional. Yet there are 6,507,394 crime reported for every 100.000 people in a country with roughly 82,000,000 citizens. All that hard work puts people under a lot of pressure it seems, and Germans are also famous beer drinkers so that might account for some of the crimes. Once again we see a lot of minorities living in impoverished parts of town and struggling to make ends meet, even though the country has the strongest economy in Europe.


“Oh, come on”, you might be saying, “not the country of love, culture, fine vine and exquisite cuisine, they can’t possibly be on a list of countries with the highest crime rates”.  And yet here we are – troubled economy, bad parts of town, a huge divide between rich and poor and ethnic minorities living in substandard conditions. France has 3,771,850 reported crimes for every 100.000 citizens and a total population of 65,350,000 people.


As you can see, we are quick to point a finger at the undeveloped countries and call them barbaric and violent, but we are often blind to what goes on under our very noses in our supposedly civilized and cultured first world countries.

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