Travian is Now Accessible in Iran

Travian is Now Accessible in Iran

As reported earlier, the Iranian government had blocked Travian games for local users in country. Now the website has been unblocked by local Internet Filtering Committee and users can sign into their accounts and play games without any problem. Users from Tehran, Karaj, Shiraz and Isfahan have confirmed this report with Kabir News. is the special version of Travian games designed by Travian Games GmbH for Iranian and Persian users. Although the government has unblocked but the main website of is still filtered in country.

More than 150,000 players have registered accounts in while 100,000 of them are currently active. During the recent days in which Travian was blocked for Iranian users, the website has lost a major part of its visitors.  On January 03, was ranked between top 100 websites in Iran but now it is ranked as the 128th most popular website in this Middle Eastern country.

A group of Iranian game manufacturers had announced their support for government and encouraged Committee’s decision on blocking Travian games. According to the released statement by that group, Travian was described as an “Israel backed” online game which has targeted Iranian users.


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