Tumblr Announces Ad Agency For Digital Artists

Tumblr Announces Ad Agency For Digital Artists

Yahoo has been trying to find a way to make social blogging network Tumblr profitable since its purchase. The current attempt at doing something with Tumblr comes in the form of the Creatrs program.

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The program has two significant parts: the Creatrs Network and the Creatrs Collective. The Creatrs Network basically handle advertising and holds on to art generated by creators for merchandising and selling to other brands. Tumblr will also be able to use the artwork itself. This wing of the program will keep a roster of artists to get artwork from apparently. Creatrs Network will also handle the legal aspects and payment duties.

Tumblr currently has its own roster of some 300 artists and will be choosing more. These artists—and future ones when the program opens to all Tumblr users—could see their designs on various pieces of merchandise, featured on events, and used in commercials.

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The company will also reel in revenue by a clause that makes it a requirement that brands have to pick up an ad spot before partaking of Tumblr’s library of content.

The other group is Creatrs Collective. Details aren’t as extensive as Creatrs Network will simply be a special group of ten artists who work for Tumblr directly. This group of artists wouldn’t have to do work for other brands.

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