Tumblr Will Be Kicking Off A Clothing Line In Cooperation With Print All Over Me

Tumblr Will Be Kicking Off A Clothing Line

Tumblr is expanding into clothing with a partnership with the design printing site Print All Over Me. To put the stamp on the deal for the public, Print All Over Me features Tumblr and its homepage prominently.

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The venture into the fashion world isn’t the first for Tumblr. As a matter of fact, it is because of its decade long involvement in New York Fashion Week that Tumblr is dipping a toe into things. The social network will make use of some of the most well known bloggers on the site and their artwork as designs for clothing. This is a good way to make use of the Creatrs program it started earlier this year.

The way Print All Over Me works is similar to other mass digital printing sites: pick an article of clothing to put your design on and put it on there. The main difference is that it is focused on more artistic designs and less on the more straightforward, generic designs you might find en masse on Cafe Press. Also clothing available on Print All Over Me will run the range of $30-$250.

The clothing line is definitely aimed at Tumblr regulars with a lot of the designs and will largely draw on designers’ established follower base around Tumblr. The clothes will hit Print All Over Me on Monday, but if you’re in New York City you can swing by Tumblr’s pop-up show at 339 West 38th Street between 10AM and 5PM until Sunday.

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