Twice Bitten, Thrice Shy: Netflix Inks Deal With AT&T To Improve Stream Quality

Twice Bitten, Thrice Shy: Netflix Inks Deal With AT&T To Improve Stream Quality

Wading in streaming problems major ISPs supposedly not delivering on what Netflix agreed to pay for, the streaming entertainment service has agreed to another deal with AT&T.

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The result of the suspect stream quality is an increase in buffering which makes binge watching and even watching a 30 minute episode a bother. The deal with AT&T is supposed to offer the same thing as the Verizon and Comcast interconnect agreements. It’s safe to say that Netflix would be on guard going into this one.

Netflix and AT&T both issued statements about the new agreement. AT&T’s statements mentioned that Netflix is paying for more capacity while Netflix has said that they would begin “to turn up the connections.” AT&T-based Netflix subscribes should start to see improvements in a couple of days.

The agreements haven’t been reached eagerly. Netflix is against having to pay fees since customers already provide the internet through their subscriptions to an ISP. As expected, ISPs feel that Netflix should pay for using their connections since it increases traffic that has to be managed.

There’s always the age old case of if ISPs allowed Netflix to slide on paying for use of its lines to accommodate its tens of millions of users, they would have to allow other services.

As stated before, Netflix is in similar deals with Comcast and Verizon that haven’t worked out too well. A month ago Netflix told customers that Verizon were kneecapping the stream quality which resulted in buffering for the end customer. That was ended after threat of legal action from Verizon. Recently Netflix has asked the FCC to look into ISPs’ choking their streams and trying to get more out of them.

Looking at the shaky foundation this agreement—and the others—have been built on, it’s only a matter of time before we hear of a back and forth between Netflix and AT&T if stream quality chokes.

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