Twitpic To Be Acquired By Unknown Buyer, Will Remain Open

Twitpic To Be Acquired By Unknown Buyer, Will Remain Open

Two weeks ago it was reported that Twitpic would be closing down due to a legal threat for the popular social network Twitter. Now Twitpic has stated that it won’t close down, but is being purchased by an unnamed buyer.

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The legal matter that originally put the photo sharing service on the ropes was because of Twitpic’s brand usage which had been around since sometime after Twitter launched. The notice from Twitter said that if Twitpic didn’t comply the company would have its API access stripped.

It’s unlikely that usage of the brand would’ve been harmful to the Twitter brand, but there’s a possibility that it stems from the idea that Twitpic profit from it and off its association with the Twitter brand. The legal notice to Twitpic said that Twitter had an issue with some trademarks linked with the company’s brand in its trademark application.

With current speculation on the buyer of Twitpic resting at Twitter’s feet, the future for the photo sharing service could end up including a brand change and possibly spreading the service across multiple established and emerging social platforms. The latter option would be a good one to run with for the service given that the use of Twitpic isn’t what it was when Twitter first burst onto the scene and photo sharing wasn’t a readily available part of the social network’s experience.

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