Twitter Aims To Increase Workplace Diversity In 2016

Twitter Aims Increase Diversity In The Workplace By 2016

Recently it has been pointed out that the tech industry has a definite diversity problem with women, LGBTQA and underrepresented people of color. Apple CEO Tim Cook has discussed that the company was making progress with diversity, but had a lot of work to do and it looks like Twitter is taking the same stance.

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The company’s VP of Diversity and Inclusion, Janet Van Huysse laid out the company’s goals in a blog entry earlier today and called for increases in both unrepresented groups with the people of color’s increases focusing on the U.S only.

The overall goals for both were 35 percent for women and 11 percent for underrepresented people of color in the company. In the leadership roles Twitter is aiming for a 25 percent increase in women and 6 percent in minorities and 16 percent and 9 percent respectively for tech roles.

Van Huysse said that Twitter would go about achieving this in 2016 by “actively recruiting at colleges and universities for underrepresented talent” with a focus on Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Hispanic-Serving Institutions. There will also be a focus on student groups for those in the underrepresented talent pool.

To draw in diverse candidates in the hiring process, Twitter will change its practices and recruiting approach in addition to making sure “job descriptions appeal to a broad range of applicants.” It was also mention job descriptions would be posted where candidates will see them and that the company was looking at having more diversity on interview panels.

Twitter will also push developmen for an interest in the tech field and training among girls and women by having a great presence at events and conferences.

You can view Twitter’s 2014 diversity report here and check out the visuals of the company’s diversity below.

Twitter 2015 Diversity Data

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