Twitter Adds Anti-Harassment Features For All Users

Twitter Adds Anti-Harassment Features For All Users

With verified users either going on hiatus after harassment or dumping the platform entirely, Twitter has taken another step towards dealing with harassment for everyone using the site. With new a new filter system, users can make it so that they only get “quality posts” and notifications from people they follow only.

What this also means is that posts, DMs—anything that would normally be able to reach your notifications from habitual harassers, new accounts, back up troll accounts, egg avatars, etc. will be filtered out. This is all part of “improving the quality” of users’ Twitter experience. The quality feature won’t interfere with people you already follow, just everyone else and people who follow you, but aren’t mutual.

The features have existed on Twitter for some time, but were mainly for verified users. Even so, they weren’t enough to keep celebrities, artists, athletes, and others harassment free on the site, but they come off as more effective than open verification. It’s expected that Twitter will make the features stronger and better tuned to do a more effective job since harassment is also starting to mess with its cash flow and growth.

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