Live Streams Can Now Be Viewed On Android TV’s Twitter App

Live Streams Can Now Be Viewed On Android TV's Twitter App

For Android TV users who felt they were being left out of NFL Thursday Night Football never fear, Twitter has added an app so that you can tune in to tomorrow’s game as well as the other nine games the company will air.

Back in April it was confirmed that Twitter would get the rights to show ten NFL Thursday Night Football games via the company’s app and Periscope. These games will also air on the NFL Network which gives fans an option and an opportunity for some games if they don’t have the NFL Network or don’t want to view it on Twitter.

Users will be able to easily spot live streams via highlighted tweets. From there, they will be able to view streams on Periscope. While this isn’t limited to NFL games although the League’s games will certainly drive appeal in the feature.

If Twitter and the NFL prove to be a good fit you could see more games on Twitter and possibly other sports, concerts, TV episodes, and so on.

Fans can also view NFL Thursday Night Football on Apple TV, Fire TV, and Xbox One’s Twitter app.

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