Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Is For Extending Tweets

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Is For Extending Tweets

Like any tech company that traffics in active user involvement, Twitter looks to put whatever suggestions and requests to use as it can. While there is something to be desired as far as harassment reporting is concerned, the company seems to be seriously considering a feature that would allow for long tweets.

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Recode reported that interim CEO Jack Dorsey has pretty much given the thumbs up to the feature. Now this doesn’t mean that Twitter is going to allow users to tweet beyond 140 characters and to go ahead and expect it soon. What it does mean is the feature—that must have been sitting on the table for some time—has CEO Dorsey’s endorsement.

Currently there are a few ways to get your long tweets out there. The usual method now is to type your tweet in full, take a screenshot, and post it as a media tweet. Prior to that there was Tweet Longer which allowed users to link to a longer message. If both of those don’t suit you, there’s always getting your thought out in a series of tweets as replies to the previous one.

The form this feature could take if Twitter goes ahead with it raises questions. It’s obvious no one is expecting the freedom Twitter has recently allowed for direct messages, but allowing for a few more characters and simply allowing readers to view the full tweet in their timeline in the same way they can view a full conversation could be a possibility.

Whatever form it takes, it will likely keep to Twitter’s approach of quick, short thoughts and comments that won’t require users to hunker down to read.

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