Twitter Plans To Bring In More Ad Revenue

Twitter Plans To Bring In More Ad Revenue

With Twitter—and Tumblr for that matter—being the kind of social network it is, it can be hard to sort out how to make advertising appealing and reel in revenue. At CES, Twitter announced a new plan to bring in more revenue.

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Prior to developing a strategy to make itself profitable, finding the potential to generate money was a hard one for the social network. Facebook found that it could draw money from its Zygna game’s microtransactions early on in addition to ads, Twitter simply had an impressive user base and a platform that would make getting eyes on ads somewhat difficult.

Twitter’s plan this time is to “sell ads within streams of tweets on other publishers’ apps and websites,” according to the Wall Street Journal. Outside of ESPN’s Sports Center and Flipboard, no apps were thrown around as to who Twitter would be working with. What is certain is that the publishers are certain to be large companies with a significant user base on their apps.

Last year, Twitter implemented “sponsored tweets” as a means to generate revenue. Initially the tweets were unwelcomed in users’ carefully curated timelines, but have been generally accepted as a necessary nuisance.

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