Twitter Reveals FBI National Security Letters

Twitter Reveals FBI National Security Letters

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Twitter recently revealed that it has received some of the FBI’s national security letters that other companies have gotten. The letters are meant to make companies with access to private consumer information to disclose said information.

In announcing that it got two letters in 2015 and 2016, Twitter joins several other companies that have also revealed that they received letters. In addition to the letters Twitter also got gag orders to keep the process under wraps. With the FBI’s lifting gag orders and revealing a number of investigations it has done over the years, comes the lifting of gags surrounding some of the national security letters.

There are likely other gags in place for ongoing investigations, but Twitter has contacted target users of the 2015 and 2016 letters. Twitter has an ongoing lawsuit with the DOJ going back to 2014 to allow it to be more transparent when it comes to requests it receives.

“We’re encouraged by the lifting of these two gag orders and those recently disclosed by Cloudflare, Google, the Internet Archive, and Yahoo,” said associate general counsel Elizabeth Banks in a blog post. “However, Twitter remains unsatisfied with restrictions on our right to speak more freely about national security requests we may receive. We continue to push for the legal ability to speak more openly on this topic in our lawsuit against the U.S. government, Twitter v. Lynch.”

Twitter returns to court against Lynch next month.


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