Curtain Call For Vine

Curtain Call For Vine

If you’re regular Vine content creator or simply enjoy videos on Vine, then you might be sad to know that Twitter is bringing the service to a close soon. In a Medium post, it was pointed out that the app and videos would remain accessible, but being able to upload content is coming to end.

Twitter scooped up Vine—before its launch—and the service has done a lot in a very short period. Users have been entertained, stars have been discovered, and talent has been displayed. So it would make you wonder why Twitter would cut a popular service, it’s known that Twitter’s growth has pretty much stalled and cargo has to be thrown overboard.

The team at Vine also said that it would let users know if anything else is planned in relation to the fate of the service and that it would be in contact with content creators about what the next move would be from here.

At the moment it’s unknown what will happen to Vine’s team and if there’s some sort of successor service in the works. Given that Twitter has been extremely busy working on new features for the main service throughout the year, it wouldn’t be surprising.

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