Twitter To Increase Security After Account Attacks

Twitter To Increase Security After Account Attacks

As a result of several account attacks on high profile businesses and the like, Twitter has developed technology that will increase security for users. On Wednesday it stated that it will run with an optional login verification service in hopes that it will halt hackers snagging passwords and acting maliciously…as if stealing the password wasn’t malicious enough.

While not a concrete solution, several security experts have said it is a step in the right direction. “It’s been a long time coming.” Chief Technology Officer of White Hat Security Jeremiah Grossman said of the move. For some time Twitter has been criticized for not having such a feature in the first place—especially when notable accounts have been compromised—the most recent and significant event being the false White House explosion tweet from April which was sent from Associated Press’ account.

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Twitter explained that the new security measure sees users login and verify with a six digit code sent to their smartphone. For accessing Twitter via a smartphone, users will need to use automatically generated passwords. They also reminded users that strong passwords—ones that are hard to sort out and might include a combination of numbers and letters—are key to keeping their accounts safe.

Jeffery Carr, CEO of Taia Global Inc.—a cyber-security firm—said that this approach would’ve made Twitter hacks such as the AP one difficult to achieve. He also mentioned that the measure known as “two-factor authentication” isn’t concrete and can be bested by hackers who have PCs and smartphones that can use the apps—and of course if they are determined enough.

What other steps Twitter will take to prevent this has yet to be seen or announced, but the next attack is always just around the corner and you can never have too much protection when it comes to internet security.

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