Twitter Is Still Dealing With The Underage Lock Out Issue

Twitter Is Still Dealing With Underage Lock Out Issue

Earlier this month, Twitter engaged in a purge. Numerous bots were vaporized when those accounts were deleted. Some users saw minor drops in followers while others saw exoduses. Twitter also updated its terms of service making it so that users have to be at least 13-years old to make an account.

Those who aren’t will have their accounts locked until they plead their case to Twitter or turn thirteen–whichever comes first. In a way this backfired as some users who joined Twitter very early are now locked out of their account. Not just because they were underaged but because they probably joined at a time when the platform didn’t allow for them to put their birthdate in the box.

The process for getting confirmed as being old enough includes copying and sending legal documents or getting a parent to OK them being on Twitter. It sounds extremely tedious but it’s necessary to keep bots and trolls from repopulating en masse. That isn’t to say trolls are just teenagers on Twitter (and elsewhere) but a chunk of them are.

Twitter’s age lockouts are mainly in line with EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. Its goal is to regulate a company’s usage of people’s data. We know how zero tolerance the EU can be about consumer rights and privacy. The fines are something the company wants no part of and simply applied its changes to everyone.

This means that there is no way around the regulation such as a user signing up and listing they’re from another country. The company states that it is aware that early Twitter users are being locked out and are working to correct it.

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