Twitter’s ScratchReels Allow You To Scroll Through Animated GIFs

Twitter's ScratchReels Allow You To Scroll Through GIFs

Earlier today Twitter unveiled its new feature called “ScratchReels.” It allows for users to fast forward or rewind through animated GIFs and has functionality on both the site and on official mobile apps. ScratchReels works simply by moving your mouse or finger from left to right on GIF to rewind or fast forward.

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The new feature came out of the Twitter-owned company SnappyTV. Purchased back in June 2014, the company’s namesake service allows for companies to edit their live broadcasts in a way that could maximize the reach of the content to viewer bases on social media by making them more suitable for such platforms like Twitter.

So far it looks as though ScratchReels will mainly be used by larger companies in fashion similar to Facebook’s Mentions being limited to news outlets. ScratchReels could definitely see use for live sports, television broadcasts, and tradeshows to showcase the more eventful moments. Most networks and sports organizations already make use of GIFs to display such moments.

The announcement of the new feature marks a busy early-November for Twitter when it comes to features. Last week saw the company announce the new “like” button as a replacement for “favorite.” That feature looks to be sticking around given the increase in use of the button.

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