U.S Appeals Court Drop Apple’s Details and Design Claim Against Samsung

U.S Appeals Court Drop Apple's Details and Design Claim Against Samsung

While Apple and Samsung have agreed to cease fire on their international lawsuits against each other, their U.S battles continue to rage on. The U.S court of appeals ruled that Apple could not collect on Samsung’s copying the appearance of the iPhone. The result sees the original $930 million verdict being bounced back to California for recalculating.

Samsung and LG Drop Lawsuits Against Each Other Over Alleged Sabotage 

Samsung is looking at relief to the tune of $382 million. The specifics of violation said that Samsung presented its phone in the same manner as Apple’s iPhone as far as design elements were concerned. Apple argued that the Seoul-based tech giant damaged Apple’s reputation by doing so.

Unfortunately the U.S court disagrees. It was pointed out that if Apple was allowed to win on this front the company would have a monopoly on smartphones since the design is the pretty much the base structure for any smartphone past and present. The court also said that the damages would only be awarded on copying elements of the phone that make it nonfunctional and “details and design.”

Trademark law allows for a perpetual monopoly and its use in the protection of ‘physical details and design of a product’ must be limited to those that are ‘nonfunctional,’” said Chief Judge Sharon Prost.

That decision aside, everything else as far as patents are concerned stand and Apple will collect damages from Samsung.

SOURCE: U.S Courts

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