UK Court Decides Uber Drivers Are Not Freelancers

UK Court Decides Uber Drivers Are Not Freelancers

One of the keys to Uber’s success has been its drivers or more specifically classifying its drivers as freelancers instead of employees. This allows for Uber to avoid having to cover wages, fuel fare, and provide some degree of insurance to drivers

It’s been an issue in U.S courts and after being in the UK courts, it’s been decided that Uber drivers shouldn’t be counted as freelancers, according to a report from The Guardian.

One of the main points that brought the tribunal judges to this conclusion is that freelancers are able to negotiate their prices while drivers’ finances depend on fares set up by Uber and the kindness of riders to tip them.

Being in favor of the drivers, the decision opens the door for tens of thousands of Uber drivers in the UK to get a living wage in ride-sharing. Uber’s rapid push in moving the company towards autonomous vehicles looks to be a remedy to this, but with that some ways off the company will have to deal with legal battles over the practice.

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