Uber Booted From Kansas Via Ride-Sharing Law

Uber Booted From Kansas Via Ride-Sharing Law

Add Kansas to the list of locations where Uber has been axed. As you can guess from previous run ins with legislation, Uber sees regulation meant to keep everyone on the up and up and protect riders as a hindrance to how the service is to operate. As a matter of fact, Uber said as much on the company blog earlier today.

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Unfortunately, Kansas lawmakers chose not to listen to their constituents, and special interests succeeded in securing an override of the Governor’s veto of SB 117 – a bill that makes it impossible for Uber to operate in the state,” the entry said.

The SB 117 bill focuses in on ride sharing services and requires services in the state to only have riders who have insurance. Uber noted that it was targeted due to the state requiring high level coverage–higher than other states the company operates in. Uber was quick to turn this around on the Kansas state legislation and make it seem as though they’re really proving to be a roadblock to the company doing anything in the state:

  • Eliminated the availability of on-demand safe rides, a transportation option that Kansans were using heavily during times of the day when drunk driving accidents occur most.
  • Destroyed hundreds of Kansas jobs and thousands of new earning opportunities in the coming year.
  • Singled out Kansas as the first and only state in the nation that forced Uber out with unbalanced, backward regulations.

With Kansas joining the company of Nevada, Virginia, India, and other markets as places that have tested Uber with regulatory power, there will likely be more as concerns of rider of safety, driver qualification, and the existing ride industry in these locations are key issues.

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