Uber Suing Indian Competitor Ola Over Fake Ride Requests

Uber Suing Indian Competitor Ola Over Fake Ride Requests

Mumbai-based ride company Ola is the target of a lawsuit from industry giant Uber. According to Bloomberg, the San Francisco-based company claims that Ola created around 90,000 bogus accounts to call for 400,000 rides—only to cancel them.

If this scheme sounds familiar, it’s because Lyft and Gett accused Uber of doing the very same thing in 2014. Earlier that year, New York-based Uber drivers requested rides with Gett while Lyft was targeted between late 2013 and early 2014.

The purpose of the tactic is to waste drivers’ time and cause potential riders to miss out on a ride since that driver is tied up with another “rider.” There is a history of Ola being accused of calling in bogus rides with native competitor Jugnoo so there could be some weight to Uber’s case.

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