Uber Will Now Check Criminal Records In Real-Time

Uber Will Now Check Criminal Records In Real-Time

One of the minor problems that end up growing for Uber is a failure to keep up or regularly check in on backgrounds of its drivers. People with a criminal background of non-violent crimes or minor infractions can drive for the company. It’s those with a particularly troublesome, violent background who are rejected.

Spotlight Allows Uber To Find Riders Easier

So what happens if someone ends up committing a felony or a serious crime? In a perfect world, Uber would be on top of this all the time. Anything that occurs in a driver criminal history from littering to attempted murder would be observed. Instead, the company tends to run background checks every now and then.

At least it used to check them now and then. Now Uber will get real-time updates when it comes to a driver’s background. This allows for the company to catch things early and ax who needs to be axed instead of letting a troublesome driver carry on and potentially become a big problem.

It appears that drivers with charges could be axed even if it isn’t a conviction. Since the system keeps Uber up-to-date on the progress of charges, if it is handled in court or they are dropped, a driver can return to driving. In short, Uber is on the lookout for major offenses, the kind that are likely to make news and either paint the company poorly or put riders are risk.

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