Uber Releases Food Delivery iOS App In Toronto

Uber Releases Food Delivery iOS App In Toronto

Uber has been in the food delivery market for some time now, but haven’t really made an aggressive push towards expanding the feature. Now the company is looking to make small steps in that direction with the launch of a standalone mobile app for UberEats according to Wired.

Uber To Bring Food Delivery Service To Barcelona

Currently available in Toronto, the UberEats app will have a presence on iOS devices only at the moment and delivery will be free throughout December. Uber users in select markets can still use the UberEats feature via the main Uber app.

While putting app out only in Toronto is equivalent to dipping a little bit more than a toe in the water, it’s the building blocks towards taking UberEATS from feature to full-on service.

Amazon Is Expanding Further Into Food Services

This is usually the progression for companies known for a very specific service or place in a market when it wants to expand into other markets that make use of its core service—Amazon being the best example not just in food service, but roughly everything.

Unfortunately the food delivery market isn’t a new frontier by any means and if Uber truly wants a firm foothold in the market—one that Amazon is busy swimming around—it will want to really comment to making UberEATS a devoted service soon.

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