Spotlight Allows Uber To Find Riders Easier

Spotlight Allows Uber To Find Riders Easier

One thing that can make a job more difficult between co-workers or teams is a lack of communication. The easier, shorter, and clearer it is to communicate, the better. In the case of ride-sharing, knowing about regular or shared clients can have the same effect. Uber has a number of in-app tools that will make drivers’ jobs a little easier.

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To cut down on canceled rides or “wasted supply,” as the company calls it, Uber is looking to make pickups easier to carry out. One issue in trying to find the rider is when it is crowded or in poor lighting. As Product Manager, Ryan Yu points out, drivers typically just have the address and a marker on a map.

One of the tools that will help from the rider’s end is Spotlight. In execution, it’s simple enough. Since numerous people outside after an event or during a holiday gathering will likely have their phones in the air, waving your screen like you normally would is no good. Spotlight lights up the screen with a color and sends the driver a message on what color to look out for.

Riders can also send messages to their driver with additional details. So if you’re wearing a red shirt and shades with a green screen, it should be much easier to find you. So far it doesn’t mention if colors are canceled out if several riders are on the same street. As for the messaging feature, texts are read aloud to the drive by the Uber app.

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The last improvement isn’t a feature so much as a guarantee. While Uber tried to steer away from scheduling rides in advance, it now guarantees that a driver will meet the scheduled time and date or the client will be given $10 towards a future ride. It’s an odd improvement since Uber, Lyft and the like are used more when you need to get somewhere at the moment.

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