Uber’s Self-Driving Car Tests Deemed Illegal By California DMV

Uber's Self-Driving Car Tests Deemed Illegal By California DMV

Uber has gotten in trouble with California lawmakers for something else this time as its self-driving cars have been running red lights and the company wasn’t cleared to test cars on roads.

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Recently it was revealed that the ride-sharing company would be test driving its self-driving cars on roads in San Francisco. While it was known that the test run would be soon, no one knew exactly how soon as the company didn’t have a permit from the state.

It’s only reasonable to believe it would be some time after Uber got the special permit before the company tested its cars. As a result California’s DMV has said that Uber is not to test its cars until it gets its permit and complies with the state’s requirements. Uber said that California’s rules don’t apply to its vehicle.

File this situation as another instance of Uber butting heads with California’s regulations. The next step would be for Uber to get in line with the DMV’s wishes and get its permit, but we’ll have to see if that actually happens or if the company decides to push its luck and continue testing its self-driving cars.

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