UK Announces Plan For Country-Wide Fiber By 2033

UK Announces Plan For Country-Wide Fiber By 2033

Lawmakers in the UK are looking to raise the country’s broadband speeds in an ambitious new goal. It expects every home in the country to have fiber by 2033. Fifteen years seems like plenty of time to achieve this in–that is if everything just went right and there is no opposition whatsoever in that time.

Ideally, this would give internet access to 15 million homes–by today’s numbers–when 2025 rolls around. In 15 years, who knows how that number will spike or fall. On that note, the government is also looking to have new houses built with fiber already.

Rural areas tend to be the areas left out of the equation when it comes to plans of this nature. Parliament is investing up to £5 billion to get fiber connections in those areas.

The UK’s push towards fiber in every household is an example of government being proactive in catching up with the world. Other European countries, as well as Asian countries, tend to be much further ahead while the United Kingdom is only at 4-percent adaption to fiber.

We’ll have to see if it achieves its goals. As The Verge points out, the UK promised the same thing in 2012, giving itself a three year period to have the fastest broadband in Europe. Given this current goal, we can gather how the first one panned out.

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