United States’ Exports to Iran Was $41 Million in The First 3 Month of 2012

United States Census Bureau announced this country has exported goods value $41 million to Iran in the first 3 month of 2012. This number has been reduced by 11% in compare to statistics in the previous year. From January to March 2011, United States exported goods value up to $46.2 million to Iran.

Also the number of goods imported from Iran to United States reported zero while this number was $400,000 in the same period of time in 2011. U.S. government prohibited the imports of carpets, caviar fishes and pistachio from Iran in the late 2010. Some experts believe these goods are imported to United States using third parties markets in order to bypass the restrictions.

Base on this report, the total amount of exported goods to Iran was $11 million in January, $16.3 million in February and $13.9 million in March.

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