Verizon Takes Top Honors In J.D. Power’s U.S Performance Study

Verizon Takes Top Honors In J.D. Power's U.S Performance Study

In volume one of 2015’s J.D Power’s wireless performance rankings, AT&T and Verizon trump T-Mobile and Sprint in all six regions. The performance study spans July to December 2014 and focuses on the PP100 (problems per 100) for network connections. Some 27,000 wireless customers participated in the study.

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The study shows tablet owners are likely to jump ship from one carrier to another if the other carrier offers dependable, faster speeds at a decent price. It noted that 24-percent were likely to jump, up 5-percent. Data problems have risen from 2014. These particular problems include slow loading on mobile Web, email connection errors, and mobile Web connections.

Verizon picked up the “Among the best” score—the highest—in all regions as it managed to have few problems beyond the average for that region. It’s best performance was in the southwest. AT&T generally either slight did better than a region’s average or met the average. This performance got AT&T the “About average” score.

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Rounding out the bottom were T-Mobile and Sprint with both picking up the “The rest” score. T-Mobile outperformed Sprint in every region except for the North Central. The problem seems to be that the networks don’t compare in size to Verizon and AT&T given that use of mobile devices have increased and continue to do so.

J.D Power senior director Kirk Parsons said as much. “Smartphone users send a high volume of calls, text messages and emails, which strains carrier networks,” Parson said. “As tablet ownership continues to rise, increased frequency of mobile video downloads further exacerbates network strain.”

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