Walmart To Run Online Super Sale Week To Counter Amazon’s Prime Day

Walmart To Run Super Sale Week To Counter Amazon's Prime Day

Amazon’s big Prime Day is on the horizon. Prime Day is that special day of the year where Prime subscribers get all sorts of great deals across the marketplace. Walmart, a company whose brick and mortar stores have long taken a thrashing from Amazon and its convenience will meet the online retailer with its own online promotion.

Unlike Amazon’s promotional event which is open to Prime members, Walmart’s will run for five days, is open to everyone, and will feature free shipping on all orders regardless of a user’s cart haul. Of course there will also be a number of discounts to check out. It’s basically Walmart putting all its cards on the table as far as online shopping goes.

Last year Walmart ran with a deal extravaganza of three months, but this promotional event comes off as Walmart not just hoping something will stick on the online shopping front. It’s not so much as Walmart trying to compete directly with Amazon as Walmart trying to catch something in the hype of Prime Day. We’ll have to see if this pans out for the company and if it’ll draw subscribers to its $49 annually ShippingPass service—it’s alternative to Amazon Prime.

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