WhatsApp Introduces Limited Forwarding To Groups

WhatsApp Introduces Limited Forwarding To Groups

WhatsApp is looking to eliminate as much spam and fake information as possible. The new step in achieving this might seem like a simple one: limiting how many groups one message can be sent to.

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Before WhatsApp took this step, messages could be forwarded to many groups at once. Initially, the company will start testing will a limit of 20 groups. It still seems like a rather sizable amount of groups to be forwarding the same message to but if WhatsApp sees a problem with it, it can always shave that number down.

The 20 group number is worldwide and will allow for WhatsApp to handle issues in multiple markets. In its largest market, India, the company will impose a limit of five groups. It will also remove the quick forward function in this market. At the moment WhatsApp has 200 million users in India.

The main target of these limits is information that spreads rapidly to many users and can have dire consequences. BBC noted incidents in India where warnings were issued through the app and backfired. One incident involves men being attacked following a rumor about them looking to kidnap children in a village. The resulting beating left two injured and one dead.

Facebook has been active in tackling anything that could result in false information spreading after taking a credibility hit following the 2016 U.S. elections. Limiting things on WhatsApp gives them a year’s head start on the elections in India while curbing vigilante activity along the way.

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