Windows 10’s Anniversary Update Released

Windows 10's Anniversary Update Released

It’s a bit after the actual anniversary week of Microsoft launching Windows 10, but the Anniversary Update dropped earlier this week—but you may not have even noticed it without seeing news on it given automatic updates.

From its launch to the present Microsoft has made a very concentrated effort to push Windows 10 and put it out there for everyone to install—as if the OS being free wasn’t enough—and this week it’s an update with a few features of note.

Microsoft has said that it’s the last feature update for the year but there would be more next year. In a blog entry for the anniversary update, there was more of a focus more on developers, but there will be a lot more in the update for everyone and all areas of entertainment, creativity, and production.

Meanwhile the other up big update plated for 2017 is heavily under wraps, but expect more about what is being codenamed “Redstone 2.” The mobile anniversary is said to drop early next week.

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