Windows 9: So Good That Microsoft Skipped It

Windows 9: So Good That Microsoft Put It Back On The Shelf

Microsoft has stated that Windows 9 is “too good” to release and will be moving on to Windows 10. As we know, Windows 8 has been to a pretty sluggish start as far as being accepted by users for the part. As a matter of fact, most have been sticking with Windows 7 and Windows XP—which Microsoft will be ending support for come 2014. There are several issues with Windows 8 that have kept users from taking to it like they did Windows XP and Windows 7 one of which being the Start button.

The Start button was missing from Windows 8 so finding the Start menu was a bit of a task for users. In recent rumors, Windows 8.1 was supposed to bring back the Start button and according to The Verge it appears to only go to the Start screen and not the Start menu.  If true that would be a bit of a disappointment to users who are more accustomed to the Start button doing what it’s always done.

Enter Windows 9. It appears that this version is supposed to do everything right that was off about Windows 8. Apparently it was so amazing that “…it blew Windows 8 out of the water,” according to Microsoft PR Cheryl Tunt about Window 9’s performance in an internal beta. She also stated, “After discussion at C level, Microsoft has decided it will not mess with success and leave Windows 8 exactly as it is. As such, work is now getting under way on Windows 10, which should see a public release.”

That’s pretty big for it to be so incredible that the public won’t get it. It’s as if to say everyone isn’t ready for it—but one day we will be.

InfoWorld got internal communication that mentioned that Windows 9 was fast, extremely functional, bug-free, and worked well with Windows Desktop and Metro-style UI. It seems that the Start button will be in this version of Windows as well. Many who worked on Windows 9 were really impressed and excited about it drawing comparisons to the sitcom Seinfeld, that it could be listed as a perk for other developers to come work for them, and even the NES Power Glove—which isn’t exactly a good comparison.

It’s unknown if Windows 9 will ever actually be released given that it looks like Windows 10 will see store shelves before it. That brings up the interesting but minor issue of version numbering as well.  In the meantime, for those who need their Start button there’s a number of free apps and add-ons that can help such as Classic Shell, Pokki, Classic Start 8, and Start Menu 8. For those willing to pay there’s StartFinity, StartisBack, and Start8. All of these can help you get around that.

As you know, sometimes issues you didn’t even think was a problem or were minor annoyances are fixed and can change everything. With the internal buzz about Windows 9 are you intrigued about what it could’ve brought to the table and what it solved exactly?

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