GDC 2015: The Future Looks Interesting For Xbox One

GDC 2015: The Future Looks Interesting For Xbox One

Microsoft had quite the showing at Game Developers Conference 2015 earlier today with action focused on their Xbox One console. The two most interesting things were the announcement of connecting the Xbox experience with the HoloLens headset and that Xbox SDK would be coming soon.

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HoloLens—as the name sounds—is the smart glasses headset for Microsoft’s argumented reality-oriented Windows Holographic. The platform is focused on Windows 10 which is seeing a lot of features while still in development.

The Xbox part comes in with the company’s first party studios are working on titles that implement HoloLens in some way. Microsoft has also opened the doors for other developers to jump on board via the Windows Insider Program.

Xbox head Phil Spencer stated that Microsoft would be allowing for a limited number of “managed partners to get the first crack at the Xbox One SDK which allows for developers to make a variety of apps for the console. Since it uses the Window 10’s universal app approach, all apps created for Xbox One will be functional on platforms running Windows 10. More will be announced at Build in April.

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The Xbox One will finally get wireless adapters for its controllers. The best thing about the controller—outside of not needing cords—is that via Windows 10’s Xbox app, players will be able to stream Xbox titles to PC.

Rounding things out, both Xbox One and Xbox 360 will pick up a good amount of indie titles—over 30 titles for both—such as Wasteland 2 and Shovel Knight to name a few. Xbox 360 will also pick up a feature that would allow for players who don’t have an Xbox One to build their game library on Xbox 360.

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