Opinion: Xbox One Moves Over 100,000 Units During Launch In China

Xbox One Moves Over 100,000 Units During Launch In China

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Microsoft’s Xbox One is the first console to hit China in 14 years since the console ban (the last console to slip in was Sony’s PlayStation 2). Compared to the launch of Xbox One in Japan, the Chinese launch was incredible with 100,000+ units off the shelves in the first week the figures include pre-orders.

The turnout shouldn’t be a huge surprise given that this is the first official console release in over a decade. Plus—as Kotaku East’s Eric Jou—has pointed out, China’s gray market would mean that anyone who really wanted the Xbox One would’ve gotten it by now from Taiwan and other countries. Also as pointed out, the console will be region locked and will see just 10 official games released due to the country’s propaganda policies.

The original launch for China was put off by roughly a week due to weather, but the turn out proved a good one for a market culture that could possibly be molded. Whereas Xbox may never be big Japan, it could be huge in China should Nintendo and Sony not deliver the goods there sales wise.

Should Xbox One do well in China during this generation, it would definitely mean stronger promotion in the region, more games that are actually made for that market, and ultimately China becoming a massive gaming market comparable to the U.S and Japan.

Currently the goal for Microsoft and its Chinese partners is to move one million consoles within the year. It’s a realistic goal and could be obtained rapidly should some of the massive games worth purchasing a new console make through China’s filter. If not, it will be a very slow trickle to one million and could see Nintendo and Sony make a million in a year if or when they hit China given a larger amount of accessible titles that could get through the filter easily.

SOURCE: Kotaku East

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