Yahoo Cuts 15 Percent of Staff

Yahoo Cuts 15 Percent of Staff

For some time now Yahoo has been licking its wounds as nothing has truly panned out enough to be considered a major success for the company.

The future of Yahoo has been up in the air, the performance of CEO Marissa Mayer is a major point when discussing Yahoo, and layoff rumors have been leaking. It looks as though those layoffs are more than speculation and now a reality.

It’s said that around 1,500 workers were released with the 15-percent cut taking place in all divisions of the company. Also noted was that search was one of a few areas that didn’t take a hit.

The cuts come as Yahoo is dealing with issues involving investor confidence, stock interests, and rumors that the company will soon be up for sale—which has resulted in interested parties approaching the company to scoop it up. Last year also saw the company shut down a few regional sites, but has been obvious to observers that more would need to be done to keep Yahoo from circling the drain.

If the regular trend with cuts in tech has proven anything it’s that Yahoo can expect a turn around since it has trimmed its staff—or as it’s regularly called “streamlining” since “cut” seems to be such an ugly word. The other thing that can be expected is Yahoo is simply going to be sold and Mayer likely booted. We’ll have to stay tuned and see how things pan out for the company.


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