YouTube Currently Testing Out New Community Feature

YouTube Currently Testing Out New Community Feature

YouTube has now added the ability for content creators to better interact with viewers and subscribers. The new “YouTube Community” tab listed under videos allows for content creators to do much more in the way of promoting videos, giving updates, and more.

Prior to the “YouTube Community” tab content creators had to find a variety of methods to promote new content from their channels such as via Twitter, Facebook, and the comments sections of their most recent videos. While creators can still make use of social media, for a more native, immediate method of getting out to subscribers “YouTube Community” will prove very useful.

So how does this new feature work exactly? Just like the news feed on Facebook. When you post new videos it’ll pop up in the feed as an update, you can give text updates on upcoming content and projects, callouts for content ideas, or even subscriber shoutouts. It keeps everything in one place if you wish to focus purely on YouTube or make YouTube another part of your social media reach for your videos.

So far the feature is still in the beta stages and being tested out by popular content creators. Should it prove popular or useful among beta testers, you can expect it out within the year.

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