YouTube Gaming Adds Live Streaming From Android To App

YouTube Gaming Adds Live Streaming From Android To App

There have been regular updates made to make YouTube Gaming a definite competitor to gaming’s major live streaming service Twitch. The latest big update will see live streaming of gameplay from Android devices added to the official app.

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This feature was announced last month meaning it was likely in development for some time prior to the launch of YouTube Gaming. The gameplay live streaming feature will make use of the front facing camera to allow for streamers to show up on the feed and provide live commentary.

While the live streaming from Android is the major feature here, there will be several other elements added to the update that adds to the experience and community. These include badges, perks, and support streamers financially by either picking up a month subscription or on off (or whenever) donations.

These are features that Twitch has done for years, but it hasn’t gotten around to allowing for streaming from mobile devices through its app. On a larger scale Twitch has done it with the PS4 and Xbox One consoles through its app however YouTube Gaming is opening things up to more gamers to stream given that there are plenty of smartphones and Android smartphones out there.

The rest of the updates are more for the viewing experience with updates to bookmarking, navigation on iOS remembering previous searches, importing existing subscriptions by way of settings, and the vague “improved performance” and watch page updates.

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