YouTube Gaming App Coming To Japan, Live Streaming From Android Phones

YouTube Gaming App Coming To Japan, Live Streaming From Android Phones

YouTube announced that Android devices will be able to live stream to the service. The feature will be focused on mobile games which will allow for a lot of additional content on its YouTube Gaming service.

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In addition to live streaming from mobile devices, Japan will be getting its own version of the YouTube Gaming app. Ryan Wyatt, the head of global gaming head with YouTube pointed out that Japan was a big market for mobile games and that they “define its gaming culture, far more so than in other countries.”

With YouTube Gaming allowing for live streaming directly from the app, it gives players who don’t have a rig and broadcasting setup or an eight generation console the ability to share their content with others. It also allows for platform to show players enjoy mobile games when the titles have gotten much more complete and varied—some even being ports of larger AAA titles.

From the perspective of mobile game developers, it will give newer titles a stage which could generate interest beyond social media and sites that give mobile titles a spotlight. While titles like Angry Birds, Clash of Clans, or Candy Crush variants will have a spotlight, the mobile versions of titles like the Trese Brothers’ Cyber Knights RPG, MDickie’s Wrestling Revolution, or Kairosoft’s body work will definitely benefit from this feature.

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