YouTube Goes Down Again for a Group of Visitors

YouTube Goes Down Again for a Group of Visitors

“YouTube is down.” tons of people are posting this message on their Twitter accounts to report the latest problem of YouTube. This is the third time during the recent weeks that YouTube goes down for a few minutes.

It’s clear that YouTube is not currently down for all the clients as we are able to watch new films but simultaneously some pages are out work and retuning “500 Internal Server Error” or “Http/1.1 Service Unavailable” messages. Users in Twitter report that the current problem is happening on all the platforms and browsers. The famous slogan of “A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation.” is also being shown on screen.

Accordingly all the functions of YouTube are affected by this outage and made users completely angry. #youtube is down, the world is ending! Dominic Talbot ‏@domtalbot said.

The number of complaining Tweets is increasing dramatically. However other groups of users have full access to their accounts and are uploading new clips and spreading the links via social network channels.

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