YouTube Brings Offline Viewing To Certain Asian Markets

YouTube Brings Offline Viewing To Certain Asian Markets

YouTube is spring forth its offline viewing feature which allows users to download videos to view without internet. The feature was mentioned in 2013 and will have a soft market release in parts of Asia.

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The three markets mentioned include India, Indonesia, and the Philippines. According to Engadget, there wan’t much to download and when something was found it you select the quality and the video is saved for 48 hours offline. The reason for the lack of videos is that Google narrowed things down to content from those three markets and content from elsewhere just isn’t going to be available for offline viewing.

Google said that India, the Philippines, and Indonesia were chosen due to adoption rate for mobile out of Asia, but lack of high speed internet being a problem in the this particular part of the region.

While it could be some time before offline downloading hits the U.S and U.K, YouTube recently announced that animated gifs would be integrated into YouTube’s sharing options.

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