YouTube Red Is Live

YouTube Red Is Live

Yesterday saw the doors open for subscriptions to YouTube Red. The subscription service will be available for $10 per month and give subscribers an ad-free experience, offline playback, other expected perks, Google Play Music, and a couple of (now) exclusive videos.

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Those exclusive videos come with YouTube getting in line with copyrights and some material—such as Sony’s music holdings—being pulled from the original YouTube. While that is all existing content, 2015 will see subscribers pick up fresh, exclusive content from those who are big on YouTube.

The service marks another big step for the YouTube brand into spreading itself out this year and offering something for everyone and more money generating opportunities for itself. Earlier in the year YouTube Gaming launched and has seen good numbers since. That platform allows for content creators to pick up donations or make money from subscriptions in a fashion very similar to market giant and competitor Twitch.

If you’d like to dip a toe into YouTube Red, a free trial is available. The subscription service can be used on all of the usual operating systems and platforms—Android devices, iOS devices, and desktop—but you’re going to pay $13 if signing up on anything Apple.

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