YouTube Working On Premium Music Service

YouTube Working On Music Premium Service

So far, 2015 has been a year of expansion for YouTube and Google. We’ve seen a new live game streaming platform launched just this week and Google restructure with Alphabet earlier this month. Now YouTube is looking to expand even with the launch of two premium services.

PRS For Music Challenges Spotify Over Royalties

The first of the two is called Music Key. In the testing phase since November, it is the more concerning of the two given the issues labels have with streaming services. When a top selling artist drops a new video and put it up to YouTube, they’re guaranteed to see strong view numbers.

The issue in this case seems to be with how YouTube will push Music Key to make it worth participating in. If a label or artist goes all in with Music Key, they could end up getting their music videos and other content such as live concert footage out to a much smaller group than had they simply put it up on YouTube.

The other service has yet to be named, but will be focused on top content creators in everything other than music. While the details on this service aren’t concrete, it should face less resistance than Music Key—outside of pricing that makes potential subscribers push their keyboard away.

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